If Hair Care Routine Didn’t Exist

What would happen if routine hair care doesn’t exist?

Fortunately routine hair care tips exist. We will start with what happens when no hair care routine exist and you will learn in a very simple and interactive way of fixing hair care routine even if it doesn’t exist. Hair care routine is important to have a healthy and thick hair. Both men and women go through various things to ensure they have a healthy hair for which having a hair care routine is important but for many it may not exist. Following hair care routine will help ensure an overall healthy hair and is a sign of a healthy hairstyle.

How should hair care routine be performed?

  1. Shampoo 2-3 times a week. Shampooing all 7 days will dry the natural oils in the hair required for healthy hair. 
  2. Use mild shampoo like a baby shampoo or tea tree oil shampoo 
  3. Comb before shampooing. This removes dirt and dead cells from scalp 
  4. Wash with Luke warm water. Hot water can damage hair follicles 
  5. Dry hair naturally and with a towel. Hot air blow dryer can damage hair and hair follicles preventing growth of healthy hair 
  6. Detangle with a wife tooth comb. Narrow tooth can pull off excessive hair 
  7. Dry hair before sleep. Sleeping with wet hair will weaken hair strands 
  8. Tie hair as loosely as comfortable to you. Tight hair tying May break or damage the hair 
  9. Comb hair before going to bed. This eliminates dead cells in the hair and dirt 
  10. Trim split ends – 
  11. Avoid frequent perming, curling, coloring hair and other non natural things to hair care
  12. Avoid excessive sunlight. Wear a cap to protect head from hot sun
  13. Massage scalp. This improves microcirculation and helps hair grow the 
  14. Eat balanced diet and maintain physical activity
  15. Do yoga, meditation or other stress buster activity. Stress increases hair fall 

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