Screen time for kids – find your own screen time score. Fix the score and improvise using natural daily routine. In this video, you will answer five question in five seconds each and earn trophies. Find out how much you have scored and what the screen time score means. Watch this video for ideas that will work to reduce screen time for kids and help save money. Virtual school has further increased the screen time. You will find out problems with increased screen time and natural ways to reduce screen time. Set up parental controls on the device; how to control iPhone screen time settings, passcode; parental controls, use wifi mesh systems; encourage book reading, art work; personally, commit to reduce screen time and be a role model; get rid of cable and streaming services; stay away from devices during family activities. These hacks and tips to reduce screen time are made to work. Watch out for cyberbullying.

0:00 Screen Time Score

0:33 Screen time score questions

2:10 Screen time score results

2:29 Screen time score meaning

3:34 Screen time health problems

3:57 Screen time reduction ideas

4:10 Screen time reduction ideas – iPhone screen time parental control

5:04 Screen time reduction ideas – WiFi mesh systems

5:28 Screen time reduction ideas

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