One vitamin you need for healthy hair. Hair loss is common in teenagers, children, and other age groups. This one vitamin will help you build stronger and thicker hair. This one vitamin will help with healthy hair by increasing proteins in the hair. I provide SIMPLE, NATURAL & SCIENTIFIC solutions to common health problems. Established Adequate Intake of Biotin Levels in micrograms per day by Institute of Medicine: MALES & FEMALES 0-6 months of age: 5 mcg/day 7-12 months of age: 6 mcg/day 1-3 years of age: 8 mcg/day 4-8 years of age: 12 mcg/day 9-13 years of age: 20 mcg/day 14-18 years of age: 25 mcg/day More than or equal to 19 years of age: 30 mcg/day FEMALES Pregnancy: 30 mcg/day Lactation: 35 mcg/day Thank you for watching. 🔴SUBSCRIBE🔴 Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin:

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