Is LAMBDA VARIANT Dangerous | Is DELTA PLUS VARIANT more deadly?

What is COVID Delta Variant?

Delta is the name for the B.1.617.2. variant first isolated in December 2020. In a study published June 14 in the medical journal The Lancet, the impact of the delta variant in Scotland was examined where it had become the dominant strain. The researchers found that the risk of hospitalization from Covid-19 was almost two times more for patients infected with delta variant, compared with people infected with the alpha variant. Based on information from UK where more than 90% of cases are due to delta variant, It seems like cough and loss of smell are less common than the original variant. These symptoms will be Headache, sore throat, runny nose, and fever are present. Delta variant seems to be affecting children more. Cases involving delta have been confirmed in approximately 100 countries and all 50 states in the U.S. and the variant is especially risky in parts of the country with low vaccination rates.

What is COVID Delta Plus Variant?

The Delta Plus variant is known as B.1.617.2.1. This is also known as the AY.1 variant. The Delta Plus variant began appearing to be reported from Mid march and by end of April there were enough cases that UK posed a ban on international travel. The Ministry of Health in India called this “Variant of Concern” or VOC to be cautious. This contains a new mutation in the spike protein which is what this virus uses to enter human body cells.   This is very closely related to Delta so it was called Delta plus rather than a different letter in the Greek alphabet that the World Health Organization uses. What these variants do are still not very clear and it is too early to say anything about them. So far at the time of this recording, it appears that the variants can get transmitted more, have an increased chance of attacking lungs and monoclonal antibodies are less effective in treatment. There is no difference between delta variants and delta. With delta variant I have personally heard from doctors in India that they are concerned there may be a risk continued oxygen requirements lasting a longer duration than the delta variant.

Experts say the vaccine protects against Delta plus variant and you may be at risk if you are still not vaccinated. 

What is COVID Lambda Variant?

The lambda variant was initially denoted as C.37. It was first detected in December 2020 and was only named recently by WHO as Lambda on 14th June 2021. The lambda variant has been detected in approximately 30 countries and if you are interested Wikipedia has the latest numbers based on the country when the last reported case was present. A preprint research from Chile, meaning this has not gone through the rigorous peer review process yet. So this may be still be preliminary. The researchers say that mutations present in the spike protein of the lambda variant may cause increase in infectivity and may escape from neutralizing antibodies from the vaccine used in Chile CoronaVac. There are so many discussions about pharmaceutical lobby, politics, and all kinds of things. Keeping those things aside, here is the good news. Whichever the variant is and whatever the discussion is coming from a pure science point of view, vaccination has been found to be helpful for all these three variants. So if you’re not vaccinated do consider vaccination.

Is LAMBDA VARIANT Dangerous | Is DELTA PLUS VARIANT more deadly?

Is lambda variant dangerous? Is delta plus variant more deadly.
In this video link, you will find answers by a Doctor to What are these variants? Why is lambda variant more dangerous? Why is delta plus variant being more deadly? How are they different from Delta? What symptoms do they cause. Where did the variant come from? How are they different? What should you know about the variants?




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