Iron Deficiency in toddlers (1-3 years): do this and stop worrying. Watch this with a toddler in the video. I am a child health doctor and have described this because my own toddler had iron deficiency anemia and I could not identify it.

Iron deficiency in toddlers is very common. Up to 10% toddlers in US and 90% in India are at risk. In this video, I have explained 5 simple tips to do and stop worrying about iron deficiency in toddlers. Toddlers are children aged 1-3 years. I have described iron deficiency food supplements with names in English and Hindi.
The video is educational and focused on improving child health and wellness. In this video, I describe the list of foods rich in iron. Foods includes food, fruits and vegetables, and animal products. Importance of Jaggery and Sooji are described. Infants require iron liquid supplement and this is described in the video along with the dosage.

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0.00 Iron Deficiency in Toddlers
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1.04 Why toddlers develop iron deficiency

1.52 Five simple steps

1.29 Symptoms and signs of iron deficiency 2.05 Iron rich food

3.48 Limit snacks and healthy meal time

3.10 Add Vitamin C to iron rich food 3.28 Limit cow’s milk 4.09 Iron Supplements 4.29 Conclusion

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