Shock treatment in Bollywood movies is shown in the wrong way. I will share my personal experience as to how it actually happens based on many patients I have seen as an Anesthesia Doctor.

This video has all the clips from the following movies. Let’s jump into it.

  1. Pyar Deewana Hota Hai
  2. Jewel Thief
  3. Yaarana
  4. Damini
  5. Raja
  6. Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega
  7. Woh Lamhe
  8. Manthan Ek Kashmakash

How is Shock Treatment shown in Bollywood Movie Pyar Dewaana Hota Hai?

This Bollywood movie Pyar Deewana Hota Hai has Govinda and Rani Mukherjee in the lead. Although a great comedy, this is really far from what actually happens during Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The thing that is going on the head looks like what is put on the chest for an ECG

When the shock treatment is done the brain activity has to be measured. This is done using an electroencephalogram (EEG). This scene in the movie looks like a seismograph something like what is used to record an earthquake.

The doctor is not doing anything but just watching. The doctor looks very confused. A person in the back who is messing around with something may be trying to give a shock! I think. Mr. Puri says I have not seen something like this in his 20 years career, I add even I haven’t seen this.

Govinda had shock treatment for not being able to speak. Shock treatment is given for people with severe depression and bipolar disorder. Speech therapy makes more sense for someone who is not able to speak.

The full movie from Shemaroo can be watched on youtube


How is Shock Treatment shown in Jewel Thief?

This is from jewel thief which possibly could be the first Bollywood movie with shock treatment or there might have been other movies. Do you know which is the first Bollywood movie showing shock treatment?

This movie has Dev Anand and Ashok Kumar in the lead. The scene starts with the Doctor saying a person cannot be given more than one shock in a day, which is correct. The doctor says some people need more treatment than others which is again right. So, the shock treatment is medically known as electroconvulsive therapy or short-form ECT. A person may require up to 12 shock treatments.

Memory loss is common after shock treatment and this could even last for up to two months after the treatment. If memory is a problem, then instead of using shock treatment on both sides of the head, only one side can also be used. For all those who are worried about shock treatment, the good news is this is done under anesthesia.

Dev Anand is injecting something it may be a pre-medication which is a medicine given before anesthesia. The shock treatment is not done forcefully as shown in the movie but the patient has to give permission. That may even be the anesthesia. Patients are not left like how it showed but are given oxygen and kept safe by the anesthesia doctor.

A white thing that is put in the mouth is actually a bite block. When the shock treatment is given, there is a chance that the tongue can come in between the teeth. This is placed to prevent tongue biting. It really looks a lot better than this.

The shock treatment device looks like a galvanometer that we used in school to do some experiments. I don’t know if you remember using a galvanometer to check the electric current. I have no idea what this is but maybe that’s how it looked in the 1960s.

Dev Anand is shown to have a bandage with a bloodstain. That bloodstain with the bandage on this does not happen unless somebody hits you with a hammer (just kidding!!).

Full movie can be watched here on YouTube

How is Shock Treatment shown in the movie Yaarana?

The Bollywood movie Yaarana has Amitabh Bachan in the lead. Amitabh Bachan is shown to have shock treatment in a forceful way that is incorrect. A white thing is placed in the mouth. That white thing is called a gauze, which is kept as a bite block. The way it is put, I don’t think it is going to help, it is not done this way.

The thing placed on the head looks like a headband with a wire on it and another Bollywood movie where shock treatment is shown with no anesthesia in an incorrect way. Amitabh is walked out to another room. Patients will move out to another room on a wheelchair or a structure they cannot walk so soon because of anesthesia and the tiredness with the treatment.

The full movie Yaarana can be watched on YouTube with this link

How is shock treatment shown in Damini Bollywood Movie?

This Bollywood movie Damini has Meenakshi Sheshadri in the lead role. This movie once again shows Meenakshi having a shock treatment with no anesthesia, incorrectly.

These movies keep showing the same thing with no anesthesia. I mean these have been done again and again they should improve at least at some point. Here it looks like multiple shock treatments are used, that’s incorrect.

Is Shock Treatment Always Done With Anesthesia?

While I was preparing for this video, I did read many resources. When I went into Wikipedia, I was shocked to see shark treatment used to be done without anesthesia in China. I couldn’t believe it but now thankfully all shock treatments are done under anesthesia and nothing is felt during the treatment. If you are a patient who needs shock treatment or you know of someone you can be assured nothing would be felt with anesthesia.

How is Shock Treatment shown in Raja Bollywood Movie?

The Bollywood movie Raja has Sanjay Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit as the lead. In the shock treatment scene, Paresh Rawal is shown to have the treatment. The treatment place looks like an operation theater. Shock treatment is not done in the operation theater. Operations are done in an operation theater but not a shock treatment. The thing on Paresh Rawal’s head looks like a belt made of metal; they show all these weird things in the movie. If the movie-makers make some research or ask around, they will find the correct way of doing these things.

When the shock treatment is on, the hero is running. Shock treatment causes fits or seizures to happen. This seizure typically lasts for less than 60 seconds, and this is not correctly shown here. The seizures are helpful to provide benefit. This is one of the primary reasons why shock treatment is done.

The full movie can be found on YouTube using this link

How is shock treatment shown in Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega?

This Bollywood movie has Salman Khan, Rani Mukherji, and Preeti Zinta as the lead.

The shock treatment scene is shown in a ridiculous way with the treatment given on a wheelchair. No treatment is given on a wheelchair. The patient is made to sleep made comfortable given anesthesia and the others happen after that.

The worst thing is that the policeman is saying what the treatment should be. No this is not real, obviously. Imagine a policeman saying what treatment needs to be given to a doctor what would happen? In reality, if police have to talk to a patient they get the permission of the doctor to do so, and I have seen many times the doctors and even me refusing the police to talk to the patient because the patients are very sick they are in the intensive care unit, they cannot speak.

As Salman Khan walks into a hospital, he hears people screaming. A ward boy says these things keep happening all the time as it is a mental ward. This is a worse dialogue. Does not happen like this. Just because this is a mental hospital, it does not mean people are screaming there.

The link to the scene can be found here with the YouTube link


How is shock treatment shown in Woh Lamhe?

This Bollywood movie has shown shock treatment in a gore way. They tie the hands and legs of the person receiving treatment. This is incorrect. It looks like they are giving punishment than medical treatment.

A stick that looks like an ice cream stick is placed in the mouth may be as a bite block. An ice cream stick does not help, using that can cause problems. Imagine if someone is fighting on a stick and it gets cut off and then goes in the mouth, that would be painful. I have never seen something like this being done to prevent biting.

The movie has shown violent shaking and shown in a horrible way. Not worth commenting. Nothing is shown correctly.

The movie can be watched at this link

How is shock treatment shown in the Bollywood movie Manthan Ek Khasmakah?

In this scene, looks like the patient is having a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan here.. maybe? Well, this is not unreasonable if the doctor thinks there may be reasons in the brain causing symptoms. They may do a scan before like an MRI or a CT to rule out any problems before actually getting shock treatment.

The doctor is probably talking to the patient and maybe the patient’s wife. The doctor comes and talks to the patient and the patient’s family. They are giving oxygen, which is what usually happens. Anesthesia is given and the patient may need some oxygen. So the doctor is talking so this looks like the doctor also explained what happens after the procedure.

The full movie can be watched using this link

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