Healthy Long life Secrets Revealed | Ask the Experts Live Q&A | Longer and Healthier Life

What are the secrets to Healthier Longer Life?

Healthy long life secrets revealed by Dr. Adarsh Gupta, Writer & Speaker, Weight Loss Specialist Doctor from USA. Author of the book on Seven Secrets to a Healthier You. This is the live Ask the Experts session. In this session you will find answers to What is healthy lifestyle? Secrets of healthy long life will be discussed. Questions on healthy diet? How to identify healthy diet? Sleep, Stress and tips on longer healthier life will be discussed.

Topics Covered

What prompted Dr. Adarsh Gupta to write this book?
Exercise and diet not working. What should people do?
Thousands of weight loss diets are there. What does expert Dr. Gupta say?
Is diet alone good to be healthy?
How can one exercise when he/she has no time due to busy work schedule?
What should people watch when buying food?
There are 7 secrets in the book. Are there any top secrets?
Some people are “elite sleepers” and claim they sleep very less. How is this possible?
Should general guidelines on sleep be followed?
No sleep in spite of limiting caffeine! What to do?
What can people do to control stress and stay sane?
How can one achieve mindfulness?
What do you think are the top 5 ways one can live healthier and longer?

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