Is Halloween Different in 2021?

How was Halloween in 2020?

This was video made for Halloween 2020 when specific guidelines were laid out by CDC. Although nothing much has changed significantly with respect to precautions, a significant stride has been made with the availability of vaccines.

Should I get vaccinated?

Absolutely. There is enough data to show that COVID shot prevents severe infections, hospital admission and death. If you are eligible for vaccination, do get vaccinated at the earliest. If you are already vaccinated, great job. You can find out if you are eligible for a booster dose on the CDC website below:

What are the precautions during Halloween in 2021?

CNBC recently published an article titled “CDC director weighs in on whether kids should go trick-or-treating on Halloween amid the pandemic”. The key points from CDC director on include “Walensky recommended trick-or-treating outside, limiting crowds and avoiding crowded Halloween parties”. This news can be accessed at the link below.


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