86% PEOPLE GET THEIR TOTAL BODY FLUID INTAKE WRONG. Water is the essence of life and human body consists of 60%-75% of water by weight. In this video, you will find scientific guidelines on drinking water for both children and adults. There are tips on how to make children drink the required amount of fluids. Thank you for watching. 🔴SUBSCRIBE🔴 https://www.youtube.com/HealthForKiddies​ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthforkid…​ Twitter: https://twitter.com/healthforkiddie​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthforki…​ 0:00​ Water requirement for children and tips on getting it 0:22​ Welcome to Health for Kiddies 0:33​ Total body water in children and adults. Most of the body is water 0:55​ This happens due to inadequate fluid intake 1:15​ Health effects of poor hydration 1:22​ Best Fluid is plain water and other fluids 1:40​ Formula is used to calculate fluid requirement in the hospital 2:03​ Guidelines on fluid intake by reputed agency in USA and Europe 2:35​ This is the amount of fluid required based on age 3:01​ Tips to increase fluid intake 3:34​ Conclusion, Subscribe, Thank you FORMULA USED IN HOSPITALS/24 HOURS: 96 ml/kg for the 1st 10 kg of weight 48 ml/kg for the 2nd 10 kg of weight 24 ml/kg for the remaining body weight INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE & EUROPEAN FOOD SAFETY AUTHORITY FLUID GUIDELINES/Day: 0-6 months 700 mL (Breast milk of formula) 7-12 months. 800-1,000 mL 1-2 years 1,100-1,300 mL 2-3 years 1,300 mL 4-8 years 1,600-1,700 mL Girls, 9-13 years 1,900-2,100 mL Girls, 14-18 years 2,000-2,300 mL Boys, 9-13 years 2,100-2,400 mL Boys, 14-18 years 2,500-3,300 mL Adult Women 2,000-2,700 mL Adult Men 2,500-3,700 mL Software: Powtoon


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